Open House Cleaning

The Perfect Open House

The open house is the most crucial part of selling property. It tells the story of the hard work put into building and maintaining a house. Open houses are so important that they appeal to total strangers and compel them to buy a totally strange place.

On the other hand, open house cleaning is what makes your residence look better for the big day. WJ Cleaning services can set the stage for the open house you are dreaming of. The end result will blow your mind and impress the visitors largely.

Why Hire Open House Cleaning?

Increases the market value of your residence
Creates a great initial impression
Earns you a positive reputation as a seller/ realtor
It keeps more people interested in buying your house

Why Are We The Best Choice?

Doing an open house is not easy, particularly when you are trying to sell a pre-owned house. We work with both owners and realtors to make your residence appear way better than you’d want it to be.

What makes WJ Cleaning Service special are:

We pay close attention to every little detail
We care a great deal about the finishing touches
Our services will be shaped according to what you want to get done

Our Main Services

As a Vancouver cleaning company that believes in the power of an open household, WJ cleaning service is always keen to include both basic and special services in the list.

Floor cleaning
Surface cleaning
Window cleaning (including tracks, sills, interior and exterior)
Carpet cleaning
Kitchen cleaning (kitchen top, floor and appliances like oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher)
Deep cleaning bathrooms
Bedroom cleaning
Living room cleaning
Basement and garage cleaning
Storage room cleaning
Pressure Washing services
Trash removal (garbage bags provided)
Fulfilling special cleaning requests of you and your realtor

Cleaning Methodology

Open house cleaning requires swift expeditions. To quickly and adequately meet high-quality standards, our cleaners use:

Latest cleaning machinery
Biodegradable cleaning solutions
Heavy-duty cleaning equipment when needed

Get It Done The Way You Want

It’s your house. You are selling it; you are setting the prices. Therefore, you definitely need to have a say in how the open house should happen. Our Vancouver cleaning services will be fashioned in a way to compliment your idea of what the open house needs to be. We clean the residence the way you want it to be and listen to you before making any rash decisions.

The Best Cleaning Team To Ask For

WJ Cleaning Vancouver boasts of great, experienced, talented individuals. In fact, our excellent team of cleaners is enough reason for you to give us a try.

Our cleaners have:

Clear criminal records
Properly trained to specialize in open house cleaning
Competent and diligent
Following safety guidelines
Professional and friendly

Low Cost Open House Cleaning

‘Cheap’ does not mean ‘bad. Hiring an affordable cleaning service is obviously more beneficial than paying a huge sum of money. Affordability and flexibility are two of the most definitive characteristics of WJ Cleaning Agency.

You can choose from a number of services, and the prices will be set accordingly. With WJ Cleaning, it’s really easy to manage the expenses as you will get a free quote right in the very beginning.

Impress Your Potential Buyers

As a homeowner yourself, you must be aware of how hard it is to feel at home in someone else’s house. Your buyers will feel the same alienation at the open house.

Our cleaning professionals are here to change that. We are capable of making any house welcomingly clean, pleasant and homely. Every nook and corner will be cleaned to perfection so that the potential buyers will not be able to find fault with how you have maintained the house. It will be a huge help in the process of winning yourself a profitable deal.

You Won’t Regret Hiring Us.

If you are interested in bringing your ‘A’ game to play on the day of the open house, working with the WJ Cleaning company in Vancouver would be a wise choice.

We are ready to listen to your requirements and customize a cleaning plan just for you. Contact us and receive your estimated quote today!

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