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Who We Are - WJ Cleaning Services

A self-proclaimed cleaning agency offering domestic, commercial and industrial cleaning services
Based in the Greater Vancouver area
A vast choice with budget options as well as regular cleaning plans

How It All Began

WJ Cleaning Service was the outcome of years of quality training, experience and passion. As a family-owned company that understands the common cleaning problems, we are set out to solve these problems to the best of our ability.

Large corporate cleaning businesses are often profit-driven, overpriced and negligent.

Quite contrarily, you will feel completely at ease with us. As a business that runs on the trust of our customers, we are cautious only to offer top-notch, affordable and customer-oriented services.

A Decade Of Excellence

The best service we have provided.

It is pretty hard for a cleaning company to be solidly established in the industry for 10 years. WJ Cleaning Company has managed to do it, and with flying colours too, at that.

Throughout the years, we have prioritized you over everything else. Our services are designed to address each individual client’s requirements in a truly personal and maximally effective way.

Every step we took in the past ten years has been a learning experience. Now we know quite well how to pull off any cleaning task with ease.

Residential Cleaning

WJ Cleaning Services will make sure your home is the showcase you imagine it to be.

Commercial / Office cleaning

WJ Cleaning Services will make sure your place of business is a pleasant place for you and your customers.

Post Construction

We will make sure you are ready to move in to your house without the added worry of having to clean up the mess left by the contractors.
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Booking Made Easier

Nobody is ready to go through long phone calls and ridiculous waiting lists in order to hire a cleaning company.

WJ Cleaners have made everything a lot more convenient by enabling online appointments. You can either call or send us a message or book through the website. Once you let us know the specific details about your request, we will be more than happy to design a bespoke cleaning package just for you.

A free quote will be the first thing you get, and it will make the process of deciding easier.

We are entirely about satisfying our customers, and every one of your requests, suggestions and complaints will be highly regarded.

Phone Number:

Mobile: 778 389 4184
Office: 604 684 4184

Mail Address:


Office Address:


Opening time:

Sunday - Friday:
9am - 8pm

Our Vision

‘To be a leader in providing affordable, state-of-the-art cleaning services that will keep your property clean for several months to come.’

Our Mission

‘Customer-centered, sustainable cleaning services through modern methods, updated knowledge and latest technology.’

    A Safe Choice

    What makes WJ Cleaning Company a safe pick out of other cleaning agencies in Vancouver?

    • We are fully insured and bonded
    • We offer liability insurance in case of any damage is done to any of your belongings by us
    • We create minimal noise to avoid disturbing your daily routine
    • We avoid the use of toxic chemicals
    • We are extra careful if you have pets or children at home
    Intensive Training

    Our well-trained group of cleaners will take residential and commercial cleaning to the next level.

    Also, WJ Cleaning Company in Vancouver is defined by its intensive training program that allows passionate individuals to develop skills in executing modern cleaning techniques.

    They will also be trained in effective communication skills and interpersonal skills as well as technical and manual skills. The deeper the training, the better the cleaning services are.

    Adapting To The New Normal

    The pandemic that created a global challenge in 2020 and 2021 has coaxed us to explore new ways of offering safe cleaning services to people.

    • We are careful in choosing cleaning products
    • Our team is dressed in suitable cleaning attire
    • Sanitization and decontamination are offered as services
    • Health and safety measures are followed
    • We work in teams of two to reduce potential health risks

    Keeping your loving and working environment clean is vital in overcoming the challenge of Covid-19 and other possible pandemics that are likely to come.


    The cleaners came within the timeframe.

    Thank you for your interest in hiring Denver Cleaning Service Company.

    A Self-sufficient And Competent Crew

    It is quite a hassle if your cleaning agency is short of equipment and supplies, isn’t it?

    You have literally nothing else to worry about than allowing us access to the space that needs to be cleaned.

    We will bring everything else, starting from detergents, microfiber cloths, and cleaning brushes to vacuum cleaners, hot water extractors and heavy-duty pressure washers.

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