Building Maintenance

Do You Own A Building?

Your building premises and assets deserve to be properly cleaned and cared for. And it is way more complicated than cleaning your residence. Most of the time, building cleaning and maintenance is a job for professionals.

WJ Cleaning Company is all you need if you are looking for an exceptional building maintenance service provider.

Why Hire Building Cleaning?

The answer is simple. Whether occupied or currently vacant, your building must be maintained to keep it inhabitable and presentable.

Helps maintain the quality of flooring, walls and equipment
Increases the quality of living/ working
It helps create a fantastic first impression
Increases the saleability of your facility
Ensures the functionality of the building
Help identify functional and structural flaws quickly

Types Of Building Maintenance We Offer

We extend our services to:

Governmental buildings
Residential complexes (condos/ apartments)
Industrial buildings
Institutional buildings
Storage buildings

Each building owner may have different janitorial requirements for their facility. Tailor-made to address each request, our services will be amazingly relevant, no matter what type of building you own.

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Services We Offer

Cleaning a building is a multifaceted task. Suppose a janitorial service is unable to offer all of the generally needed building maintenance services. You will have to go through a lot of trouble trying to hire different companies in that case. WJ Cleaning Services provides most of (if not all) cleaning services you need for a building, including:

Cleaning hallways, stairwells, and other common areas
Sanitization of surfaces
Disinfecting doorknobs, handles, and other surfaces
Elevator cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting
Odour removal
Regular trash removal and trash sorting
Picking up garbage from garden and building premises
Bathroom cleaning
Replenishing soap, sanitizer, toilet papers, paper towels
Kitchen/ breakroom cleaning
Window cleaning
Parking lot cleaning
Pressure washing services
Fulfilling special requests

Where Do We Serve?

WJ Cleaning Services offers building maintenance services in Vancouver, Lower Mainland and surrounding areas.

Quit waiting long hours until your cleaning service arrives! Our professional cleaners are quick, accessible and diligent.

Building Maintenance Goals

We aim to please! As a customer-oriented building maintenance company, our main goal is to give you a satisfactory service in every way possible. Some of our major objectives include:

Developing lasting partnerships with clients, associates and vendors
Building professional relationships with clients based on mutual understanding, respect and trust
Creating a pleasant living/ working environment
Helping you maintain a regular building cleaning program
Making building maintenance services available for affordable prices

Latest Cleaning Technology At Its Best

Especially when it comes to larger buildings, cleaning can be painfully slow and hard. With the right technology and experience, the shortcomings of traditional building maintenance can be avoided.
WJ Cleaning Agency has the newest technology needed to handle cleaning tasks with ease. You will be surprised at the speed and dexterity with which we complete our janitorial services.

We have a collection of state-of-the-art equipment like hot water extractors, power washers, shampooers, auto scrubbers, vacuums, and buffers. Technology speeds up the process, while expertise adds perfection to it.

Liability Insurance

One little mistake can easily escalate into a huge loss. This is partially why most building owners hesitate to outsource their cleaning services.

If you choose WJ Cleaning Services, there is basically no reason to be troubled. Our liability insurance program makes sure that your property stays safe if any mistake happens on our part. Besides, our company has protected all our employees with insurance coverage of their own.

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Responsive And Responsible

Building maintenance has to be planned and executed to perfection. However, the cleaning service you hire has to be quick to respond, plan and act.

WJ Cleaners are always prompt and accurate in their replies
One ring is all it takes for us to call you back
We schedule appointments that you find most convenient
We are ready to address your concerns and answer your questions any given day
Our team is ready to commit long-term if you request regular cleaning services

Reach Us

You can contact us through our website or over the phone, whichever way you prefer. No matter the nature of your building maintenance requirement, we are down to customize a unique cleaning plan that will successfully address your requests.

Other Cleaning Services We Offer

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