Move In / Move Out Cleaning

Moving In And Out

No matter what anyone says, we can all agree that moving is, in fact, a hassle.
You might be excited to settle in someplace new, but it does not take away the fact that moving has ‘trouble’ written all over it.

What if you get a professional move-in and move-out cleaner to help you out? Given that you will already be busy managing everything around the house, a helping hand will definitely be a positive addition.

Why Should You Clean Before Moving?

Most people overlook the importance of cleaning the property, especially if they are moving out. “Why bother if I am not even going to live here anymore?” You may ask. Let me tell you why.

Benefits of Move Out Cleaning

Increases the saleability of your property
Creates great first impressions
Attracts more potential buyers
Ensures the stability of the security deposit

Benefits of Move In Cleaning

It takes away the stress of moving
Creates a favourable living space
Removes dirt, contaminants, and allergens
It helps make you feel at home and at ease in the new place
It allows you to get back to living as before quickly

Move-In/ Move Out Cleaning By WJ Cleaners

Hiring WJ Cleaning Services as your move-in/ out cleaning assistant will be a wise move. Out of several cleaning companies that offer moving cleaning, we are extra special in many aspects.

All-inclusive cleaning packages
Quick and convenient appointments
A clever and experienced team
Latest cleaning technology
Competitive pricing

Services Offered

Move-in/move-out cleaning has enormous scope to it. WJ Cleaning Company in Vancouver is known for covering almost all of these aspects of move-in/ out cleaning, including but not limited to;

Deep clean including inside cupboards
Floor cleaning
Cleaning all Surfaces
Carpet cleaning
Window cleaning (including tracks and sills, interior and exterior)
Bathrooms – general cleaning/ deep cleaning
Kitchen cleaning (including oven, inside the dishwasher, refrigerator and other kitchens
Living room cleaning
Bedroom cleaning
Garage cleaning
Trash Removal (garbage bags are provided)
Basement cleaning
Special Requests

Go Green With WJ Cleaners

Move-in/move-out cleaning has Environmental risks associated with cleaning are not ignorable anymore. In this day and age, it is unavoidable that nature should be protected at all costs.

WJ Cleaning services, a cruelty-free and eco-friendly cleaning agency, know the importance of adapting to more sustainable cleaning methods.

We use biodegradable cleaning products for move-in/ move-out cleaning projects
We are careful not to use toxic chemicals
Our enviro-friendly approach will help you lead a healthier life

Personalize Your Cleaning Package

It is highly unlikely that two customers are going to like the same cleaning packages.
Instead of forcing you to play by our rules, we have introduced custom cleaning packages so that you can make your own rules.

You can customize the move in/ move out cleaning services based on your;

Time left

Special Deep Clean For Moving

Unlike regular maintenance programs, moving in/ out cleaning requires more thorough engagement because it is a one-time thing.

Assembling and disassembling items stir up a lot of dust. Also, removing furniture and other belongings leaves a lot of space that needs cleaning. Deep cleaning is often the preferable route to take because moving involves a lot of intensive processes.

Always On Standby

WJ Cleaning team is ready to arrive at your location on call. If you are stuck in the same place trying to complete all the last-minute cleaning tasks, just give us a call. Urgent appointments are given priority so that you will not have to wait for days.

Moreover, our cleaning specialists are well-trained to complete the move-in/ move-out cleaning within the given time without losing the quality of service.

Need To Know More?

Moving-in/ moving-out cleaning is not uncommon at all, but maybe you have some doubts you need to clear. Feel free to contact us anytime to know more details about our cleaning methods, prices, employees and more.

Call WJ Cleaning Vancouver and let us know your move-in/ out cleaning requirement. You can now take a breather while we handle the most stressful part of moving for you.

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