Commercial / Office Cleaning

Do You Own A Business?

Why does a business flourish?
Several reasons can be listed, and the presentability of your place of business must be definitely included.

Cleaning your commercial space is not a choice but a necessity. A clean office is, in fact, a nicer place for everybody. There’s no way your customers are going to love your services or products if your office does not seem to be maintained well. But there’s no way you can run around the place all day carrying a vacuum cleaner!

A Pro Cleaner

Hiring a professional cleaning service immediately sounds like a huge commitment, doesn’t it?
Well, it doesn’t have to be.

If you hire a pro cleaner specializing in commercial cleaning, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. WJ Cleaning Services – an expert in commercial/office cleaning, can guarantee you the promise of a ‘squeaky clean’ business place.

How Are We The Right Choice?

There are so many features WJ Cleaning has that set us apart from other cleaning agencies. In hindsight, you will feel nothing but satisfaction in hiring us.

We are experienced in cleaning places of business
Our cleaning methods are up to date and innovative
We are punctual; both upon arrival and departure
Our services are centred on the nature of your requirements
We offer eco-friendly cleaning – a benefit for you and nature too
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Affordability Is Key

You know better than anyone how hard it is to make money through a business. We are well aware of the effort you put into it. By making our prices affordable, we do try to make cleaning an investment for you instead of a mere expense.

As our cleaning packages are entirely customizable, you will not be paying anything you didn’t get. You could be an entrepreneur or an owner of a large corporation, but our service to you will be wholehearted, original, and affordably priced.

Where We Clean

Commercial cleaning services at WJ Cleaning Company are quite simply accessible to any business. If you own any kind of business place including offices, retail or other, we are more than happy to serve you.

Our Services

Are you looking for a multi-talented cleaning company? You’ll be pleasantly surprised if you give us a go. We handle commercial cleaning from top to bottom so that you will not have to hire a variety of different companies to get other tasks done.

Some of our services are:

Floor cleaning (vacuuming, mopping, washing)
Cleaning any surface
Cleaning restrooms
Sanitizing and disinfecting
Carpet cleaning
Breakroom cleaning
Kitchen cleaning
Trash removal (garbage bags included)
Restocking toilet paper/ paper towels/ sanitizer/ soap
Dust cleaning
Special cleaning requests

Green Cleaning For Commercial Spaces

In truth, most business owners are not very concerned about hiring an eco-friendly cleaning service. They usually do not see what they are missing, but you don’t have to make the same mistake.

All of our team is hereafter going through sufficient training and a thorough background check
Our expert cleaners try their best not to disrupt your day's business
We use biodegradable cleaning products so that you and your customers will not be exposed to toxic chemicals
Regular cleaning packages are available to avoid the hassle
Our professionals are friendly, professional and easy to communicate with

On-Call Cleaning Services

We don’t know what ‘late’ means, and that’s not an exaggeration!
If you are on a tight schedule and have an urgent cleaning requirement in your business, WJ Cleaning Vancouver can fulfill it with ease. Contact us once, and we will be on our way as quickly as you need us to be.

Commit your time entirely to reach your business goals while we take care of the cleaning!

Other Cleaning Services We Offer

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